Frequently Asked Questions


Do you allow music streaming?
No, Quantone is a music metadata provider. We do, however, have music service provider identifiers (e.g. Spotify and Deezer) for songs, albums, artists. You can build your apps on top of their platforms.

Can I build my own database with the Quantone API?
No, Quantone is an API through which you may access data. Building your own database from our data violates our Terms and Conditions. If you have special circumstances that may require caching, please contact us at support@quantonemusic.com.

How do I make an app with your API?
We want to make your experience with our API as simple as possible. Have a look at our documentation here. We have a C# SDK available for you now.

Where is X-data point for Y-recording?
Our database is constantly loading and our largest challenge is to populate the database. Hold tight--we're working on getting it in as fast as possible. If you require special data prioritization, you may require special research services or institutional access. Drop us an e-mail at sales@quantonemusic.com and we can talk more!

Why aren't labels associated with recordings?
Label information is found under albums because recordings can belong to multiple albums under multiple releases in multiple regions. We have left recordings to be associated with the album of your choice in your region of choice.

Why are participations different when I search through albums as opposed to recordings or works?
Album participations are different from recording participations. Album participations are individuals who have worked on the album as an entity, involved with functions like Artwork, A&R, Marketing, Legal, Management, and others. Recording participations are individuals whose involvement is specific to the recording, like producers, engineers, and session musicians.

Why are results different when I search a recording/album through a participant vs. an artist?
First, let’s clarify the difference between a participant and an artist. Participants include anyone who played a role on a recording (e.g. vocalist, engineer, producer, etc) including the Main Artists and Feature Artists. If you search through the Artist query, you will only retrieve recordings where the musician is listed as a Main Artist or Featured Artist. But be careful! If you search a recording or album through participants, you will be looking at different types of participants.


How do you account for your custom services pricing?
Pricing for custom services is dependent on a variety of factors, including and not exclusive to the size of the data set, the number of data fields per track, the nature of the track data, expected delivery date, as well as the involved labour costs.